Kostas Kamperidis - Olympus Hotel Villa Drosos
Located at the foot of Olympus, in the peaceful village of Litochoro the friendly and family-run hotel offers the ideal place for relaxing holidays as well as for exploring the unique countryside and the area’s highlights.
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Kostas Kamperidis

kamperidisBiographical notes

Kostas Kamperidis was born in Katerini, in 1970.

He lives and works at the foot of Mount Olympus.

In an excellent relationship with poetry. (N. Kavvadias, M. Anagnostakis)

Relentless volume. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Obsessions. Surrealism. The sea. Smoke.

Creative time. Adequately abundant.

Social interactions. In causal sequence.

Life evaluation. Two sons.

Rivalry. None.

Recognition. Spontaneous approach.

Techical and theoretical support: Xanthopoulos D., Markopoulos G.


December 2009, ‘’Red” Coffee-Bar Katerini (individual)

April 2012, Society of Artists of Katerini (participation)

October 2014, Art Gallery, Drosos Hotel, Litohoro (individual)


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