Kostas Papantoniou - Olympus Hotel Villa Drosos
Located at the foot of Olympus, in the peaceful village of Litochoro the friendly and family-run hotel offers the ideal place for relaxing holidays as well as for exploring the unique countryside and the area’s highlights.
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Kostas Papantoniou

kostasBiographical snapshots

Kostas Papantoniou was born in Veroia.

He lives in Katerini and works at Pinewood School-Thessaloniki.

To him photography is a relationship of fatal passion, a perpetual quest for the essence that exists within a picture.

Total devotion. Nature. Family. Friends.

Literary enthusiasm. Jorge Luis Borges. Kurt Vonnegut.

Obsessions: Johny Cash. Comics.

Creativity incentive. A person’s smile.

Focus on the familiar and the clichéd because they are an endless source of inspiration.

Philosophy: Action


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